Homeschool Ideas

April 01, 2020

Ever since the school closure due to the pandemic around the globe, we’ve been adjusting to our new “normal” around our home. Homeschooling definitely has its challenges at times and it took a while for us to find a routine that worked. Today, I’m sharing some homeschooling ideas that have worked for us and hopefully it can help you.

1. Create a routine/schedule that works for your family - Our school work starts after the kids get dressed, organize their room, make their beds, eat breakfast and brush their teeth. Afterwards, we usually set up our dining room table for school work. I've designated each weekday with subjects they're supposed to work on (math, language arts, science, art, gym and cultures), I find this is the best way to have structure and discipline.

2. Educational free websites - The kids have been using Scholastic Learn at Home for the past few weeks and loving it! Another site that has been really helpful is IXL, it has a great selection of materials from Pre-K through 12 Grade.

3. Do fun activites - Here are some activities for you to do together as a family, just have fun! Paint rocks or a picture, draw with chalk, create a song, collect leaves/sticks/rocks, build legos, play card games or board games, have a dance party, have a spelling bee with your family, create a poster boards for your favorite animal with facts and pictures, make a comic book, do a play with your family, do a puzzle and play charades.

4. Read - Reading is very important and we often do it together as a family. I've the kids reading the Magic Tree House series and we do questions for each book as well. I'm so grateful for our school and teachers, they've been doing Mystery Reader each day on the school Facebook page and kids absolutely love it since they really miss the school and the teachers.

5. Do a big project together - For this month, I though it would be fun to do a vegetable garden together. We're going to be preparing trays with soil and planting our seeds, then we're going to be transferring our little plants to our vegetable garden beds and keep taking care of them together. I can't wait to see a beautiful and full garden soon!

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