First Week of the Year

January 07, 2024

Here’s what this past week looked like, first week of the year!

Starting the new year with dumplings! 

Fresh cup of coffee with a touch of cinnamon.
Feeling cozy with my new socks.
Grocery run to stock up our pantry.
Fresh flowers to brighten our living, makes me extra happy!
Always keeping me company.
Making plans for the new year.
Making preparations for our birthday boy!
This chocolate cake was absolutely perfect!
I can’t believe he’s officially 12! 
So much love!
Back to work.
Listening a lot to Jack Johnson lately.
Favorite breakfast.
Panera run.
Daughter obsessed with everything soccer!
First snow day of the year.
Movie night: The Sound of Music.
Backyard turned into winter wonderland. 


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