You Are Magical & Have a Blast: Sophia's & Ian's Birthday Celebration

August 30, 2018

We celebrated the kids birthdays this year with just a simple cake for the both of them, we didn't do a big party since a week before we were on vacation and took them for the 1st time to Disney World (I'll post our vacation photos soon), it was their birthday gift and a totally surprised for them too! But for the kids whenever we have cake it's a celebration, take a look:

I can't hardly believe how big my kids are getting! Sophia's 8 and starting the 3rd grade and Ian's 6 and starting 1st grade already.

Ian is very much interested with anything relating to the universe and planets. He's always watching videos and learning fun facts about them.

And Sophia is very much interested with anything with unicorns! She's such a magical girl!

Happy Birthday, my loves!

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