My Word of the Year - 2019: Simplify

January 18, 2019

This year I challenged myself to have a word for the year, I usually do pick a word of the year, but since I'm in a new phase in my life and trying to appreciate the journey, I wanted to share it here, with all of you. 

My word of the year is

I'm trying to change many areas of my life but especially trying to de-clutter my life in every aspect. Things that don't bring me joy are going out the door (I think I'm sounding like Marie Kondo, right now), I'm tired of getting full of meaningless junk; in my home, in my heart, and in my life. Tired of investing so much time in negative people, fake friends and even social media.

As I navigate this year in de-cluttering and simplifying my life, I'm looking forward in making room for the things that truly matter; peace in my home, more time with my family, date nights with my husband, good laughs and brunch with my friends, and a heart full of gratitude!

Did you pick a word of the year yet?

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