Vegan Beauty Products That I Love

March 11, 2019

1. Provence Beauty Oils - I've been using these oils for the past year and I love it! These oils have a refreshing combination of floral infused scents with coconut oil and other essential oils, and it's good for the body, hair and nails.

2. Olivia Care Almond Latte Exfoliating Bar Soap - This bar soap is packed with antioxidants, it has coffee beans to rejuvenate the skin and essentials oils to relax the body. Plus, it makes the skin extra soft and silky!  

3. Shea Moisture 100% Coconut Oil Soap - This bar soap is so rich and creamy, made with coconut oil and milk and with acacia senegal. It really softens your skin and smells great!

4. & 5.  e.l.f. Everyday Smokey Eyeshadow Palette and Eyebrow Kit -  I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette, it has my favorite colors and can be used as a liner, on the lid and in the crease of the eye to create a great everyday makeup. The eyebrow kit has become my favorite to create a fuller, thicker and more defined eyebrow. Plus, I love the size. 

6. & 7. e.l.f. Volumizing & Defining Mascara and Blush Brush -  I've been using this mascara for years now and it's absolutely my favorite, this mascara creates voluptuous lashes that are fuller and more defined. And I love using this blush brush, made of synthetic hair which is soft, absorbent and can used with wet or dry products. 

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